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SCC says: 6 months ago I’m glad my article helped you demodé. It doesn’t really matter if you keep the Virtual Host enabled or not. Personally, I’d disable it, safer that way. If you need to re-access the camera, you can enable it again. Reply

To cope with the IP address shortage, a single public IP address is often used to hide an entire IP address space consisting of private IP addresses using network address translation (NAT), a method of remapping one IP address space into another.

And because your router acts Triunfador a bridge between your local network and the internet, it also has another IP called a public IP address. The public IP address is assigned by your ISP, and is pretty much outside of your control.

In other words, the laptop/computer can see the NVR since they’re on the same network but can’t see the camera since technically they’re located on a different and separate network.

Hik-Connect enables you to see who's at the door with a full-screen video call. Enjoy two-way communication with visitors before letting them in. Enjoy one-touch control in Hik-Connect to lock and unlock doors remotely. Mobile connectivity reduces operating costs and time on the road.

Google implemented that feature in Chrome earlier this year.  Essentially ANY web address that doesn't start with httpS is not encrypted and subject to possible misuse by people with bad intentions.

some of us may feel differently and want to protect ourselves Ganador best we Chucho when warnings like this appear, so if anyone Chucho provide a little more clarity on this issue it would be much appreciated...

Click your printer name, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection and driver installation.

When prompted, select the Wireless connection option, and then select the name of your printer to complete the driver installation. Reconnect the computer to your ordinario wireless network after the installation completes.

So, you Chucho install two or more routers and then access their admin panels to set them up Campeón 'extenders' of your main Wi-Fi network.

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Private Network is a common practice in company and classical user but less for them. It's not necessary to have public address for each element.

When you use an NVR with a built-in PoE switch, the IP cameras get plugged in directly to the back of the recorder and in this case, it may get complicated to access these cameras directly.

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